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Crosshairs Ergo Green Divot Tool

Crosshairs Ergo Green Divot Tool

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Boost your brand visibility on the green with our Crosshairs Ergo Green Divot Tool, the ultimate 4-in-1 golf accessory every player needs. This innovative tool not only offers a precise stencil for lining your golf ball but also doubles as a convenient club rest, an effective groove cleaner, and a reliable divot fixer. Designed to repair the green effortlessly, it ensures the course remains pristine, as if untouched. Customizing this tool with your logo transforms it into a powerful promotional item, perfect for distribution at country clubs, golf tournaments, and sporting goods stores. By aligning your brand with the values of respect and care for the golf course, you attract the attention of enthusiasts and professionals alike. Introduce this essential gadget to your marketing mix and watch your brand awareness grow within the golfing community.

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Price Includes: One Color Imprint

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